Our capabilities

Currently, products with a proprietary formula under the brand name «Lazzat» is produced at three plants, two of which are located in Northern Kazakhstan (it's all flour group certification Halal noodles and instant noodles, noodles, traditional cooking), one in the suburbs (mashed potatoes).


This choice is dictated primarily by the fact that Kazakhstan is famous for its flour of high quality (we use flour group A), and the Central region of Russia – with good potatoes.


Power plants can produce every month

up to 1 million 90-gram trays of instant noodles,

up to 2 million 50-and 75-gram briquettes,

up to 2 million cups of mashed potatoes,

up to 700 thousand pieces of traditional noodles.


Russia, Moscow, Dubninskaya str., 32, 2, 107

Tel: +7 499 34 34 068

e-mail: info@lazzat.ru

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